Sunday, August 1, 2010

Olive Dip and Chicken Casserole

I made a Chicken Casserole (Midwestern delight) that comes from family in Chicago. If you have a large group that is really hungry…look no further. This dish is filling! (Not super healthy though, think 2 sticks of butter and Velveeta). Jeff assisted me in cooking up this dinner that we shared with our friend Pat. Jeff did all of the chicken cutting and cooking (obviously) and I took care of the rest. The recipe calls for six chicken breasts, so Jeff’s part was a little time consuming. Jeff was also so sweet and made some Olive Dip because the cooking was taking a little longer than the boys wanted to wait for food. So in the end I was left with about one serving in one casserole dish and a whole other casserole dish! I decided to keep the one serving for leftovers and pawn the rest off on Pat. He has two other male roommates so I was confident they could do the job. I better get my casserole dish back!

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