Saturday, August 7, 2010

CasCal Soda

Jeff and I stumbled on this ‘soda’ called CasCal at Whole Foods as they had a sample stand set up. They even took my picture as I was studying the bottle so watch out…I could be famous! It is a soda-like drink that has fermented pears to give it a ‘grown up’ taste (but no alcohol). It is kind of confusing but essentially it is a soda, but with less sugar and still loads of flavor. The Light Red with notes of Black Current, Cherry and Mirabelle has only 7 grams of sugar and 60 calories as opposed to a Coke of the same size which has 37.8 grams of sugar and 130.6 calories! Although it has too much sugar for a Candida diet, it is a great alternative to sugary drinks when you have that unbearable craving for fizzy sweetness. I think it would also make a great mixer with vodka!

Have you come across any tasty beverages?

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  1. I tried the Crisp White ---wonderful!!! Hope it hits the big times!