Thursday, August 26, 2010

Restaurant Review: Mona's

Mona’s (4.3/5)

If you find yourself around Spear and 1-25 (near the huge REI) and you see some sexy legs sticking out of the side of a building….don’t be alarmed, rather stop for breakfast or lunch!

Jeff and I were trying to find a good place for breakfast after the trials and tribulations of giving kitty a bath and didn’t want to wait for an hour to eat at Snooze. So we drove around a bit and Jeff had remembered that there was a breakfast place by the Platte with some smoking legs. Go figure that Jeff would be distracted by legs.

We walked in with hopes that there would not be a long wait (as it was 11:30 on a Sunday). The rather direct (and a little rough) hostess said 5-10 minutes…excellent. We took our seats and Jeff ordered coffee and I had a large glass of milk. The menu was so appealing to Jeff that he wanted to order one of everything!

He decided on Chorizo Cakes ($9.98). It was play on Egg’s Benedict with an English muffin on the bottom, the chorizo cakes, topped with green chili, eggs and beans on the side (to be added on top if you like). Jeff really liked the dish but said it wasn’t as spicy as he would have liked.

I had the Egg’s Benedict; my usually breakfast order. I love to order this dish the first time I visit a breakfast place because it usually helps me determine how good the restaurant is. Anyone can make pancakes, but the Benedict requires a little finesse.

Mona's Eggs Benedict $9.98
Two poached eggs and Canadian bacon on an English muffin, smothered with orange-chipotle hollandaise and served with house potatoes

I made my usually substitution of regular bacon instead of Canadian bacon.

The hollandaise sauce was delicious! It had hint or orange-chipotle flavor but it wasn’t overwhelming and the true hollandaise flavor still came through. The eggs were poached perfectly, a little runny in the middle as they should be. The bacon was really crispy with a hint of pepper on it. The potatoes on the side had huge pieces of onion and pepper that added flavor to the potatoes. Jeff was really impressed with the texture of the potatoes; they were very fluffy on the inside with a crispy outside.

Food: 5/5
The menu is very unique with many dishes that are sure to make your mouth water. The food was fresh and cooked great.

Service: 4/5
Our server was wonderful, attentive and very nice. The hostess was rather rude, but we didn’t have to talk to her much.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Very fun with chalkboards all over and lots of color.
They also had a varity of interesting alcoholic drinks, some breakfast in nature and some lunch.
Jeff and I are always looking for a good breakfast place that is in the area and we are thinking that this may be our normal weekend hotspot.  We are excited to go back and try other menu items.

Where is your favorite place to get breakfast? What is your favorite breakfast food?

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