Monday, August 23, 2010

Lucky Pie Pizza

Lucky Pie Pizza (4.7/5)

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Just opened in Louisville, CO where the post office used to be.

As soon as we walked in it was clear to me that Louisville was transforming from an old-time main street to a hip place for fun. This restaurant was swanky! The decor was absolutely beautiful (bummed I didn’t get a picture) with curved stools, sharp edges and splashes of well-placed color. Jeff and I went to celebrate our friend Adam’s birthday.
I always enjoy when restaurants give you a carafe of water. This way you don’t have to wait for water and you don’t have to feel bad for sucking down the water like it’s your job. Lucky Pie Pizza starts out the service by providing a blue wine bottle with water. A nice modern touch and practicality wrapped into one. Next to the carafe is a beer that Jeff was drinking. I typically don’t know much about beer, but from what the boys were talking about it sounded like the beer selection was vast and included some really good stuff. I had a sip of Birthday Boy, Adam’s, beer that tasted an awful lot like coffee to me…not your normal light beer.

The menu tickled my taste buds when I saw ‘Charred corn white truffle butter’ for only 4 bucks! Do not click on that link if you don't want to be sufficiently annoyed…and it is a YouTube video with sound…had to do it. My apologies. The corn was very good, and had quite a kick to it. I had trouble tasting the truffle oil, but it was good nonetheless.

Jeff wanted to order some ‘Beef carpaccio balsamic, arugula’ He loved this dish!

We shared a ‘Margarita mozzarella, tomato, basil’ pizza. Wow! This stuff is good. The crust was thin and flaky but still doughy in the middle, just how I like it. The mozzarella was flawlessly melted and topped with tomato and basil. The crust was a little crispy on the ends, but since it is their first week, I will give them a break.

MMM Pizza and Whiskey
The staff was very nice and working their tails off. Since we had a birthday they really rolled out the red carpet…free shots for the table of 11 people, a free beer for the birthday boy and free dessert…which I didn’t taste, but the word is that it was good.

Will I go back, most definitely! Happy 10th anniversary of your 21st Adam :)


Food: 4/5
The food was really good and a great value for the price. The menu included some unique items such as the corn that you might not be able to order elsewhere.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Great for a laid back night, fun with friends, casual date, or a girls night

Service: 5/5
Good service and they are doing much better than you would expect for a restaurant that just opened. At one point I finished off our blue water pitcher and a hostess stopped by immediately to bring another.

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