Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Road Trip Snacks

This is what happens when you put Jeff in charge of car snacks...overload! It worked out though because we were able to eat some breakfasts and lunches from the snack bag and save money.

Here is the breakdown of what we had....
-Rockstar energy drinks (for Jeff)
-Morning Thunder Tea, Celestial Seasonings (for me)
-Pau D Arco (helps my tummy)
-Sparkling water
-Soda (for Jeff)
-Gluten free crackers
-Corn nuts
-Terra sweet potato chips
-ProBar (these are full of good things! Organic and vegan)
-Pepper Cashews
-Almond butter
-Homemade peach Jelly from my mom
-Trail mix

What food do you like to bring on road trips?

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