Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pumpkin Cookies

What is the best way to spend your Halloween?
A. Watch your friends Devon and Luke try to make a flour explosion in a backyard
B. Bake pumpkin cookies and drink soy eggnog
C. Watch Gothika
Answer: All of the above!

I stumbled upon this pumpkin recipe on the Internet. These cookies are seriously amazing! They are so soft, almost like pumpkin cake. Jeff has already requested that I make this into a cake with cream cheese frosting. I have no problems doing so because I want to make these again!
By the way, have you ever tried Silk (soy) eggnog? I thought it would be gross and 'healhty' tasting but it wasn't at all. It still had that thick eggnog flavor with a lot less sugar/calories/fat.

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