Tuesday, November 9, 2010


After wining/whining the day away, we settled in Richmond and went to Berkeley to grab some dinner. Corso was recommended by our host, Marcia. I was pretty tired and a little sick but very excited to try a new restaurant. When we walked in the host said that they were full, unless we wanted to sit at the chef bar. He made it sound like it was a bad thing! The chef bar is really a fun place to sit; you get to see all of the food being made and it gives you a first hand idea of what to order. Plus they can't spit in your food (not that they would).

Best part of sitting at the chef bar? Special treatment. Jeff and I were both staring (maybe with our mouths open) at a risotto the chef was making. He had dumped a whole spoonful of truffle butter in a sizzling pan. HEAVEN! I guess our staring was not so secretive, because the chef made us a tiny plate of extra for us to try. MMM, so glad we got to.
Caprese  house-pulled mozzarella- heirloom tomatoes- pesto- bread crumbs: Wow! I have never had a caprese like this before. I have a new rule: bread crumbs make everything better. I have never thought of using a pesto as the "basil' component of a caprese. Kodus for creativity.
Watching the cooks work. They also feature a chicken that is fried in a pan of butter. Amazing? I think yes.
I got a gnocchi with braised pork. This dish was very savory and the gnocchi was soft and delicious.
Jeff got some kind of sausage with some kind of orange vegetable....descriptive, I know. He loved it though (he rarely hates anyting).
Panna cotta vanilla bean custard- fresh berry sauce: Imagine the center of a creme brule, with a melt in your mouth perfectly smooth consistancy and a light vanilla bean flavor. Then top it off with a little sweetness from grapes. One of the best desserts I have EVER had.I would highly recommend this restaurant if you ever find yourself in the Berkeley area.

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