Monday, November 29, 2010


And this is it...the last post from California. How could I go to CA and not try In-N-Out? We walked in and I told Jeff I would need a few minutes to look over the menu and decide, he then proceeded to look at my strangely and point out the obvious, "there are only three choices Jenna, it can't really be that hard." I didn't realize that In-N-Out kept it simple and stuck to what they were good at: a hamburger, a cheeseburger and a double cheeseburger (fries as well, of course).

We decided to get the full effect...two doubles, two fries, two drinks, BAM! In-N-Out has good quality food as far as fast food goes, they try to keep most of the processes in house and serve fresh cut fries! I definitely noticed a difference in this burger. Unfortunately, my stomach did not agree but Jeff offered to drive the whole way and let me rest when I needed to.

Goodbye California, we had a great time and we will visit again!

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  1. They have grilled cheese, too! It's an off the menu item. Kev gets an off the menu item as well, which I don't know the name of since it invariably involves the murdering of animals. I try to forget these things.