Friday, November 26, 2010

The Caprice

This was hands down the best restaurant of our trip. The food was good but the view made this night absolutely unforgettable. The Caprice is a restaurant in Tiburon...across the bay from the Golden Gate bridge. If you would like to stare across the water at the bridge as the sun sets while eating really good food, please come here! Thank you so much to my dad for this recommendation!
So here is our table up against a window, looking at the bridge

Some sort of green concoction with Madori liqueur in it.
Looking great, as always!
Ahh, I am wearing black and grey...what a surprise!
The restaurant was pretty small which allowed for almost every table to have a view of the bridge.
So here is where it gets good. The bridge, the sun setting and a few local fisherman...beautiful!
Jeff chose our wine and it was so good. A really crisp white, not to sweet or acidic.
Another view of the sunset. So calming!
The City
Jeff ordered escargot. Yuck! I will admit I tried some and it actually tasted really good but I could not get over the texture thing.
Since Fall rolled around I was craving butternut squash soup. The spider-web design was beautiful.
Night on the city
Pork Medallions and potatoes sides. I will admit the dinner was not the best thing I have ever had, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Best dining experience I have ever had :)

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