Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Riva Grill

So back to some fine California dining. Our last night in Tahoe, we had dinner at Riva Grill. It was right by the water, so we thought we would have a fantastic view...but as it turns out, the one thing you can't control is the weather. Oh well! The view of the clouds rolling over the shore and the food made it worth our while. We ended up sitting in the bar, because it was the only window seat left, so that was a little awkward. We were dressed to the nines and the people at the table next to us were in jeans and jerseys yelling about the Giants game (As of last night, they won the world series, congrats!)

Pomegranate Martini. Unfortunately, this was way too sweet for my taste, and an orange slice...where's the lime!?
Bread sticks with a hummus for dipping. The bread sticks were really good and didn't have that stale feel that other places' bread sometimes has. The hummus was very flavorful and made a great addition for dipping. *You can clearly see Jeff watching the baseball game on the TV above my head, busted!*
French onion soup. Oh how I love French onion soup. Onion/oily broth with cheese and bread, are you really missing anything? This was one of the best FOS I have ever had. Do you think that acronym (FOS) is going to catch on? Use it in passing and see how it goes. "Ahh yea dude, we were totally chillen with some FOS last night". Instant street cred (little do they know it is really food cred, which isn't really as cool).
The cloudy yet very mysterious view of the lake
MMM bacon wrapped fillet. Okay, I have not been doing so well on my 'only eat humane meat' kick as I could be, but this was seriously amazing! Served with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.
Jeff ordered Lamb Chops (this is the song that never ends...) Too soon? They were also VERY tasty.
No dessert because we were too stuffed. We managed to wander over the the casinos and lose money. Has anyone actually won lately while gambling?!

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