Thursday, November 18, 2010

City View - Dim Sum

Jeff and I wandered around China town in an effort to find some good Dim Sum. There were TONS of places but I wanted to make sure our Dim Sum experience was a good one. We ended up walking into a hotel and asking the concierge what the best place to go was. He said hands down City View.
Dim Sum restaurants are a little different. You sit down and they bring by carts full of food for you to choose from. Often times you have no idea what the food is, then you ask, and you still have no idea what the food is. The whole process is quite an experience and you have to stay flexible and be open to try new foods.
Then they stamp a price area and you pay when you leave
Pork of my favorite dishes!
The inside of the bun
Chive and Shrimp dumplings
An inside view
Egg Rolls - A classic.
Jasmine rice in a lotus leaf.
A very interesting presentation, the result was a very thick, flavorful rice.
So this was one of those things I thought I would never try...SHARK FIN. It was interesting in texture (stringy) and had a unique taste. Jeff liked it but I don't think I will be having more...ever.
Haha Glutinous Puff...perhaps not the best thing for me to order
But of course, I did it anyway!
It was filled with some kind of vegetable...unknown to me, perhaps Taro
So these steamed pork dumplings were the one thing I had to have and we could not find them! I made person after person with the carts stop so I could look at their loot. I finally found them :)
And dessert - Sesame balls. Jeff was so excited about these, he could have ordered 20 of them, but I wouldn't let him.
They were filled with some kind of caramel/almond paste.

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