Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Quiz question: What makes Jenna happy as can be? Answer: Bread! Jeff and I made it a point to stop by Boudin's, the sourdough Capitol of my heart. Cheesy I know (oh wait, or bready?) So enough with the lame puns and on to the dough...

Who doesn't love cute bread animals?
Careful, that sourgator may come alive! (oh yea, no more puns)
My sourdough bread bowl with tomato bisque, sourdough croutons and cheese. I can't even describe how good this bread is. You can't beat fresh baked!
The cute baskets carrying the bread directly from the bakery to the cafe
Jeff took a traditional route and had clam chowder in his sourdough bread bowl. YUM!
We left the store with a sourdough long loaf and a garlic volcano! I have never seen so much garlic on a piece of bread in my life, then they cover it with cheese. Boudin...will you marry me?

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