Monday, November 1, 2010

Moet and Chandon - Nectar Imperial

~Happy Monday~

I have great news...I am getting promoted! I have accepted a new position at my work and I am very excited. I am also a little nervous, but hey, life calls!

To celebrate...a champagne post (or toast)
Jeff got us this very nice bottle of champagne for our anniversary and our California trip. We opened it up in Lake Tahoe. I LOVE THIS CHAMPAGNE. I know what you are thinking....Jenna I thought you didn't like champagne? And the truth is a don't, it is just too sugary and sweet for me. Good news: this champagne is not sweet and I love it. It drinks more like a good glass a wine, a little ascetic but with carbonation and without that unnecessary sweetness.
Thank you to everyone who has been supportive. I have the best family/friends/boyfriend/coworkers that a gal could ask for. Here's to you! Look at the pictutes below, then close your eyes and pretend you are drinking champage too...did it work?

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