Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sushi Den

I am having a lot of trouble sticking to the Candida diet this go around. I suppose though that cheating with sushi is a lot better than cheating with a greasy burger or pizza. Jeff has been wanting to try Sushi Den in Denver for a while now and we decided to make a date of it and boy were we happy little fish! We sat at the sushi bar so we could watch all of the action. For anyone in a 'newish' dating situation, you should really consider doing a sushi bar date. It is fun, yummy and romantic...the trifecta!

So we sat right here watching the chefs do their work. It was pretty amazing to see how quick and accurate they were. It looked so simple, but I realize that if I tried it myself, I may want to have a box of goldfish crackers on hand for my eminent failure. To get the 'tube' form they used bamboo 'placemats' to wrapped around the rice.

My favorite way to start dinner? A cocktail. This cocktail did not disappoint. It was 'ginger plum' flavored and had the right balance of flavor and strength.
We also got this cute little plate of cucumbers, ginger and wasabi to add to our wasabi remained untouched...

Pork egg rolls. These were very good and the presentation was beautiful but a word to the wise. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into! I had heavily dipped an egg roll into the innocent looking mustard sauce on the side and had just put it in my mouth when Jeff (who had taken his first bite seconds before) tried to yell STOP to me. I am not good with am the biggest wimp possible with spicy foods. The roll was already in my turning back. Imagine taking a huge chunk of wasabi and throwing it down the hatch...miserable. I never thought the a date with Jeff at the Sushi Den would induce tears. So I sat there, crying my eyes out trying to wash down the spice with water. Lesson cautious eaters!
Okay so I am a wimp with spice...and I am also I wimp with seafood. I didn't eat a lot of seafood growing up and everything still has that 'fishy' taste to me, so I opted for the extremely daring and unique shrimp rolls and avocado rolls. I know...don't you envy my bravery? Both were amazing though and were enough to fill me up. The presentation here is just gorgeous! The only tough part is they bring out all the food on one plate so if your server runs off in a hurry without explaination, you have to guess which is which. It adds to the fun though!

Jeff was much more adventurous and took the advice of the nice women next to us who could see that we were sushi newbies. She recommended the eel as her top pick. Oh my God! Never in my life did I think that I would try eel. Granted I took the smallest sliver of a bite (after Jeff begged for 5 minutes that I try it) but it was actually really good. For Jeff, it was love at first sight.

He also got some tuna because he is a sucker for tuna and was loving it.

Last, Jeff got the tuna rolls which were just as tasty as everything else.

I am not sure if the orange 'after dinner snack' was special service for sitting at the bar or if they do it for all guests but I can't complain when they bring out complementary, perfectly ripe oranges. And look at the presentation!

So the Candida diet naturally has given me a wicked craving for sugar and I couldn't deny my feelings any longer. I am not generally a chocolate gal...but tonight my body was ready for some chocolate! We got the fried bananas and green tea ice cream. YUM! The bananas tasted as though you would imagine fried bananas to taste....amazing. Dipping in the chocolate sauce really hit the spot.

The green tea ice cream was something else. Just imagine sipping on a nice cup of green tea and that exact flavor is transferred to the ice cream. So good! I wish I could have had more but my teeth are sensitive to cold. Jeff monopolized on my weakness and finished the ice cream.

The meal was fabulous, the service was quick and friendly (sans an abrupt hostess, which is becoming a theme whenever we go out) and the atmosphere is very chic.  I would love to go back. The price is a little up there but it is completely reasonable for the quality of food you get. The fish is flown in fresh daily. The girl sitting next to us said she travels for work all the time and has had sushi in a lot of different places but Sushi Den is her very favorite. Our meal was about $80 for drinks (2), appetizer (1), sushi items (4), dessert (1) tax and tip.

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