Monday, October 11, 2010

Shrimp and Cilantro Ravioli

I gained inspiration for this recipe from checking out FoodBaby. She made sweet potatoes ravioli, which sounds like a delicious fall meal. I, of course, made took the recipe idea and made it more unhealthy....fried ravioli. I did fill them with shrimp and cilantro to make it semi-healthy, but I am sure the frying ruined the attempt. So at the store pick up some 'egg roll wraps and let your imagination cook wild. You can make Chili rellanos, egg rolls, steamed ravioli, fried seared ravioli. Then you can fill them with; meat, sweet potatoes, beans, cream cheese and peaches....the possibilities are endless, literally. (Bonus: Chili Rellano recipe on bottom)

So for the Shrimp and Cilantro ravioli, I chopped up some fresh cilantro.
Then chopped up some cooked shrimp and placed both on an egg roll wrapper square
Then I put a little egg around the edges and topped it with another egg roll wrapper square. Press hard on the edges with your fingers to be sure it is sealed.

Added a small layer of olive oil in a frying pan and cooked them on each side until brown (medium heat)
Don't those look amazing? I took a big bite and the fresh flavor rushed my mouth. Please be creative and try to make something delicious with egg roll wrappers!
Bonus Recipe:
Crispy Chili Rellanos (from Jennifer)

• Wonton wraps (Sold in produce section of grocery. Also called egg roll wraps.)
• 1-2 eggs
• 1 can of Whole Green Chilies (sold either in the canned food isle, or the Mexican food isle)
• 1 block of Monterey Jack Cheese
• Vegetable oil

Prep: The can of whole green chilies will need to be opened, and you will have to take out each individual chili to give a rinse. Most times, the canned chilies come lathered in vinegar, and so as not to take away from final product, this should be rinsed off.

While chilies are drying, take the 2 eggs and beat them in to a bowl as if you were preparing scrambled eggs. You will use the egg as paste for the wonton. Also, you will need to slice the Monterey cheese. The more slices the better!

Cook: When ready, take a single wonton wrap and lay it down on flat surface (cutting board is perfect). Slice one side of the whole chili, and open up on top of the wonton. Put cheese on top of chili…be generous. Then fold the wonton so that it takes the shape of a burrito. Each time a side is laid down, be sure to “glue it” with egg. This will help the wonton stick to itself. Repeat this until ingredients are used. I like to make about a dozen or so. When ready, get out skillet and turn heat up to medium-high. Pour in enough vegetable oil to cover the entire surface of pan. As soon as you can hear sizzling from the pan, place your rellanos in and fry until golden brown. NOTE: this will not take long. Only 2 minutes on each side should be enough.

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