Friday, October 8, 2010

Sauce for a Cause

How does your ketchup taste? Does it taste like high fructose corn syrup, tomato paste and Red #5? If you would like to have your ketchup taste like honest to goodness tomatoes check out Sauce for a Cause. This company, created by Alex Mitchell, produces four sauces that are natural, gluten-free and gourmet. Fifty percent of the proceeds are split up between five causes: Life Straw, Friends of the World Program, Leave no Trace, Cancer and Flight for Life Colorado. Sound good so far? Plus the packaging is eco-friendly and easy to store in small places (great for camping or hiking).

I tasted each of the sauces….

Not Your Traditional Ketchup - Guess what? It tastes like tomatoes! Also has that vinegary ketchup taste we all love

Mango Mint - Sweet and fresh with a hint of spice. This sauce is great to cook over chicken and shrimp

Tangy Tangerine BBQ - A light citrus BBQ that has just the right balance of smoke and sweet

Gourmet Mustard - Swimming with whole mustard seeds, goes great on sandwiches, wraps and hot dogs

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