Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seattle's Best - Arriving in Lake Tahoe

Let the California blogging begin! I know it is super weird that I am starting my California blogging with a Seattle company. But it's my blog and I will do what I want! :)  We pretty much drove straight through from Denver to Lake Tahoe. We stopped in Salt Lake City at a place called Squatter's Pub which was very good and rejuvenated my image of SLC nightlife and 'hipness'. The presentation of our sandwiches were rather uninspiring, though, so I neglected to take photos. I do recommend the place though...fine beer and sweet potato fries, a winning combo. Then we stopped to sleep in the car for a bit at a park in Reno...kind of sketchy. I digress....so we got in Lake Tahoe too early to check into our hotel so we walked around the main street. This cup of coffee was my first big splurge of the trip...white chocolate mocha. Amazing! The barista took extra time to make the chocolate and caramel look beautiful and added a chocolate stick. A warm cup of coffee on a drizzly Tahoe morning...this is going to be a great vacation.

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