Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fire + Ice: Lake Tahoe

Fire + Ice was recommended by the hotel concierge as a good place to get dinner. If you have been to Mongolian BBQ in Denver, this place is almost identical. Here is the step-by-step guide for how to enjoy dinner at Fire + Ice in Lake Tahoe....

1. Order a martini. I couldn't find this on the online menu so I am a little fuzzy on the ingredients, but I know it had cream and citrus in it and was good good good!
2. Take a picture of the menu: because it is cute and...well just because
3. Take a picture of the ambiance: to really give your blog readers a feel for the place.
4. Make a bowl: they have a wide variety of pastas, veggies and meats that you can blend in whatever way you see fit. Then choose a sauce to put on the side. DON'T make too big of bowls because this place is all you can eat and there is no point filling up on your first creation.
5. Let the cooks take is from here: Some guys (maybe girls) will take your bowls and throw them on this large round burner. They move around the area chopping, stirring and cooking away. Do not get scared if you think your food has been cooking too long...they know what they are doing.
6. Watch the show: the guys will do a number of tricks to keep you entertained. Throwing cups, spinning spatulas, flipping food. These guys have a tip jar that we were happy to add to...come on, they are sweating over a hot stove for your dollars!
7. Enjoy! Jeff's first creation: lo mien noodles, peas, peppers, tuna.
My first creation: bow tie pasta, kidney beans, potatoes, onion, cilantro, sausage and a sweet chili sauce.
They also serve you warm tortillas and rice to make little burritos.
Step...I forgot which number we were on: Order another martini (Cosmo this time)
Jeff's second dish: Total copy of mine with a few changes (his was better)
Mine: Shrimp alfredo...I couldn't resist
Step 9: Take some close-up pictures of the food as Jeff sits very patiently waiting to eat.
Step 10: Apologize profusely for being a crazy photo-woman and let the poor boy eat!

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