Monday, September 13, 2010

Peach Jelly Crisp

Alright, I get it...these are not that fancy or difficult. But my-oh-my if you need an appetizer that is quick and easy and still delicious, look no further. What makes them even better? I used my mom's homemade peach jelly. I know not everyone has that option, but any jelly will do.

Peach Jelly Crisp
-Crackers (any variety, I used Nut Thins)
-Cream Cheese (any variety, Plain allows the jelly flavor to come through)
-Jelly/Jam (Peach, Grape, Hot Pepper, Boysenberry, creative!)
I am sure you need no instructions but I will do it anyway. Put cream cheese on cracker, top with a little jelly.

My mom's favorite way to serve this is to put a block of cream cheese in a dish, drizzle the jelly over the cream cheese and provide a basket of crackers as well as a cute jelly knife for spreading. This allows the eater to determine how much cream cheese and jelly they prefer.

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