Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colorado Cookin'

After a lovely trip to the farmer's market with my friends Amanda and Sarah, I was prepared with the necessary items to make an all local, Colorado meal for Jeff and I. It is so exciting when you get to cook a meal that you know was grown and raised right in your backyard....or, I guess, someones backyard in Colorado. Eating local not only supports local communities but also does a little something for the environment.  Yea for little somethings for the environment!

The Peaches: So these peaches were amazing! I was trying my best to keep costs low so I tried to walk past the peaches and ignore them. It was futile! Who can ignore soft little balls of summer. If you haven't tried it, trust me....local. organic, in season peaches are way better than middle of February from who knows where. I mean look at them! Definitely the center-fold of fruits.

The Steak: So I talked with the guy selling this meat a little and he assured me that his farm was happy little cows eating grass and chillin. Although I still feel a tinge of sadness for the little big guy...I gotta eat and the beef was calling my name. Jeff made a coffee and cayenne rub to top off this steak.  With Jeff and my terrible coal lighting skills we were forced into using a skillet on the stove but it tasted wonderful anyway.

The Corn: MMMHMMM, I smothered these little guys in butter, salt and pepper and baked them. The corn husks held the flavor in and they turned out wonderful.

The Wine: Grapes can grow in Colorado? Why yes they can. Not only was the wine fabulous...but the label was a cute little tree. Win-win situation. Most of their grapes are shipped and then made into wine here in Colorado, but the Cabernet shown below uses grapes grown in Colorado. The Blue Mountain Vineyard's website is here.

We also had organic, steamed green beans and some crazy pumpkin sourdough bread from Udi's (toasted with butter of course). Udi's is a Denver bread company that has a large line of Gluten-free bread. Their GF breads as well as the normal stuff all tastes pretty delish.

Colorado...thank you for feeding me!

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