Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Chili and 7 Layer Bars

I cooked up White Chili (from Aunt Debbie) and 7 layer bars (from Gretchen). I went to Safeway instead of my normal trip to Kings and was utterly confused. Everything was in a different place and they didn’t have tortilla strips! Tragic, I know. Once home, I cut up the chicken. I am getting close to being a professional chicken cutter, touching the chicken even! The chili is amazing and easy to make! The Seven Layer Bars were easy as well. The recipe starts with a stick of butter, which makes me happy any day. I tossed on some crushed graham cracker, chocolate chips, butter scotch chips, coconut flakes, a can of condensed milk and nuts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6……and the butter counts at 7. I brought the chili in my crock pot and the bars to a Pot Luck for my boss’ birthday party at work. Both the White Chili and 7 layer bars were a huge hit! But all that eating led to a very lethargic afternoon. I was tempted to leave a note on my desk with a bell saying, ‘sleeping under desk, ring if you need me’.

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