Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nachos, Oreo Salad, Cucumber Salad

My parents came over for a Thursday dinner. I laid out some pretzels (still left over from the Scramble) and some fruit. I bought the necessary Pepsi for my Dad and Shannon, and some sparkling water for my mom and I (not that we drank much of it, a bottle of wine was opened as well). Since my family members are notorious picky eaters, the nacho ingredient list was not going to make everyone happy. To avoid ‘why did you put that on there’ or ‘I don’t like that’ I decided to spread the chips out on a bar pan and lay out all the possible ingredients. I then told everyone to pick a corner and make your own! My Dad added ground beef, a few black beans, cheese and jalapenos; Shannon added ground beef, a few black beans and cheese; My Mom put everything on (she gets the award for non-picky eater of the family) and I had black beans, cheese, and green onions. I then tossed it in and let it cook.
Our Cucumber Salad (from Jenny) was a blend of cucumbers, tomato and onion tossed in some oil and spices. It wasn’t really my favorite as I distain tomatoes, but my Mom loved it and my Dad even had a small taste.
For dessert I made an ‘Oreo Salad’ from Jenny. By Oreo Salad I mean pudding, milk, cool whip and oreos…I wish all salads tasted like this! If you happen to not have any kitchen tools to crumble the oreos up, an ice cream scoop works. It was a nice stress relief to crunch up those oreos! I also served the white chocolate fudge that I had made the night before. We all watched a little bit of Pirates of the Caribbean, the last one, and then they went home.

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