Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guest Cooks

Here are pictures I have taken of the yummy food that others have made. They are all sure to make it into the recipe book!

Sheppard's Pie - Mom

Egg Salad on an everything bagel - Jeff and Jenna (Jeff toasted the bagels)

Breakfast Bagel - Ali and Rob (sister and brother-in-law)

M & M Cookies - Ali

Lemon Cake - Penny (cousin)

Cherry Cheesecake - Mom

Bunny Cake - Aunt Debbie and Family

Apple Snicker Salad - Jenny (cousin)

Spicy Cream cheese, Ham and Pineapple roll-ups - Uncle Bob

Deviled Eggs - Mom

Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Pudding and Toffee - Mom

Creamy Club Sandwich - This one was me, but no great blogging stories to go with it

Deep Dish, Traditional Chicago Style - Rob (he made two, but one unfortunately was served to the floor, RIP deep dish)

Chicago Pizza, thin crust - Rob

Easy Scramble - This is me again, but this picture is storyless

Caprese Bites - Amanda

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