Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and White Chocolate Fudge

My great plans to make dinner have been in the works all week. Unfortunately, a trip to the Italian restaurant Pasta Jays seemed like a better idea. Here comes Wednesday and I have to do a recipe though! I will fall behind if I don’t. The cooking has just been overwhelming. Jeff mentioned that I was talking in my sleep the other night…’the recipes… the recipes’ I mumbled. Jeff asked, ‘what about the recipes?’ and I responded, “I just want to be free of them!’
So Jeff started to drive to the grocery store. We were on a side street where traffic was backed up really far. The left lane had the traffic and we were moving in the right lane with no traffic. One guy traveling the other direction decided to turn left very quickly and not bother to look to see if anyone was coming. We were going to hit him, dead on. Jeff braked, but realized soon that we were not going to stop in time. He bumped up over the curb, we were now headed straight for a light post, he veered right as we skidded and was headed for a fence now, then steered a little left. We ended up on the sidewalk, an inch from the fence and 1 foot from the light pole. The guy who caused this whole thing just gave us a thumbs up to ask if we were okay. Jeff gave him a half hearted thumbs up mumbling (what an idiot) and we drove to a parking lot to check the car. The tires were surprisingly fine after the curb and there was no damage. What a relief! What makes this whole thing worse is I was lazily sitting with my foot up on the dash. If Jeff hadn’t navigated expertly, then I would have had A. a knee to the skull B. a broken leg or C. injury to my hips or back from the awkward position. It is a good lesson learned though; keep your feet planted firmly on the car floor!
So after all that, there was still grocery shopping to be done. We took to King Soopers and indulged in cheese samples. An older gentlemen gave me a great strategy; take the toothpick and stab two cheese cubes at one time…genius! Also at the store I got a Bamboo plant for my sister Shannon’s birthday. I held the little plant like a peace offering to try and not spill the water and referred to the plant as a bamboozle for the entire car ride home until I was asked politely to please stop saying that!
Jeff cuts up the chicken for me and gives me a lecture about sharpening the knives (which I do, thank you very much!). I grab an onion in a bag from the veggie drawer to make the Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (Grandma). Once I set it down the bag I realize there was a brown liquid all over it which had transferred to my hands. I take a whiff to identify the substance…..sick!!!!! It is old meat juice that leaked out of a ground beef container. SICK SICK SICK. I immediately start gagging, move to the other side of the kitchen and gag and cough. Jeff starts screaming at me, “Go to the bathroom! DO NOT throw up in the kitchen”. I don’t move, if I move I will lose it. Max is staring at me in alarm. I cough and gag again….’Jenna go to the bathroom!’ Jeff grabs my wrist and pulls on me to leave the kitchen, but I stop gagging and regain my composure. Close call. I refuse to touch the meat bag that I had somehow thrown in the sink in my panic. Jeff takes care of the meat bag and I request that he please clean out that drawer, because obviously I can’t handle it. After the onion incident, the enchiladas went well. Although, the only tortillas I had left were low carb and whole wheat. So I took these healthy tortillas and stuffed them with a bunch of cheese. The enchiladas filled a whole casserole dish and I expected leftovers but when we were down to the last two Jeff asked if I wanted them. No I do not want them, we just ate a full meal! Then he proceeded to finish the enchiladas.
I was making the white chocolate fudge (from Jake) to have for dessert for my parents coming to dinner on Thursday. I inherited all the ingredients in a gift exchange my family does. Well actually my Dad received the recipe and ingredients but passed them down for me to make. The cooking got off to a rough start, the recipe said a bag of truffles was needed (8.1oz), but the bag I had was only 5oz. The recipe was saved though by some truffles I had received from my grandparents for Christmas. The pack was multi flavored, but Jeff and I were able to pick out 6 more white chocolate ones to complete the recipe. So I cooked and everything was going fine until I needed two cups of sugar. The recipe had come with a bag of sugar, but I didn’t know if it was measured or not. Alright measuring cup….in the washer, 4 cup bowl….dirty from dinner, 2 cup bowl….dirty from dinner. Crap! I need to measure this sugar, all the while, I have to stir my mixture constantly or it will burn. “I don’t have a measuring cup, I told you to help me with the dinner dishes, figure something out!” The stress turned me into a wicked witch and some fighting words were shared. We quickly rinsed a measuring cup and I was able to measuring the sugar bag…which was 2 cups all along. Boo for unnecessary panic!

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