Monday, January 31, 2011

Berry Smoothie

Ahh the aquarium glasses. If you don't remember HERE is the story of how I obtained the aquarium glasses. I had to make a blood pact (well or maybe just a promise) that the glasses would make an appearance in the recipe book. Here is round 2! Feeling okay about it Jen and Penny?

Now on to the berries. The ingredients for this berry smoothie (recipe compliments of Ali) have made a long journey. Jeff and I originally bought the ingredients at the whole food when we were shopping for the Latin Soup. We then brought them to his parent's house as a dessert. Everyone was too full so we trucked them over to my parents house for a late dessert. No go...too cold of weather for a smoothie. So the ingredients followed me to Denver and days later...the smoothie happened. I happily added all of the ingredients to the blender and pushed 'start'....hmm, nothing. Checked the plug, checked the outlet, checked the blender...buh humbug! Why berry smoothie, WHY! My roommate had a food processor that I thought I could make work, only it was too tiny to fit all of the ingredients. Therefore, I added bit by bit, blended it then put it in a separate bowl to make room for more.

Dish count: Blender, food processor, bowl, spoon, two glasses, straw (6)
Good thing you were so good berry smoothie!
Berry Smoothie
• 1 cup milk
• 1 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries
• 1 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries
• 3 Tbsp. sugar
• 1 cup ice cubes
Place the milk, berries and sugar in a blender; cover and process until smooth. Add ice cubes; cover and process until smooth.

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