Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I have been slacking on putting this post up because I have been a busy bee. Or perhaps, it was due to my great sadness in ending the project...not! Although I loved cooking through family recipes and getting to know my way around the kitchen, it was not without negatives. My wallet was shrinking, my pants were growing and tummy was hurting. I am relieved to be done with the project!

My official end date was: January 16, 2011
My first post was: January 25, 2010

Just under a year! How's that for knocking out a goal?!

Since I am way behind on my posting, you will still have posts and recipes from family and friends. Exciting huh? After that I will end with a recap of the recipe book be looking out for that. The book still needs to go through a large amount of editing, but I will post when I am ready for printing!


  1. I think you mean Jan 25, 2010? Confused me a bit.
    But yay~! That's exciting. Congrats. :)