Friday, December 31, 2010


On November 4th, Jeff and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. How can you best celebrate? Well of course go eat! We went to a restaurant that is two blocks from my house. Walking distance + wine + great food = a good time! Potager serves organic food that is ecologically grown. The website has a great blurb about their philosophy of farm to table. They also try to stick to foods that are local, and therefore, in season, so the menu changes every couple of months. I walk by the menu taped to the inside window of the restaurant at least once a week as I walk to the grocery store and want to try so many things. I may go broke!

Jeff studying the back of the wine bottle. We loved this wine!
Checking out the menu. Decisions, decisions!
Pumpkin ravioli. Usually when people cook with pumpkin, they add so many spices that the pumpkin flavor gets lost. Not these ravioli, they had a distinct pumpkin flavor with a little brown sugar butter sauce for good measure.
Candied walnuts, glazed pear and blue cheese souffle. Funny story about this one: I took a big bite of the souffle and exclaimed, this tastes just like eggs! Jeff then informed me that souffles are usually made with eggs...I am convinced that every time I speak, Jeff sighs in his head.
The only way to describe this is a cheese pie with coleslaw. Jeff thought the coleslaw was a miss, but I was a little more open to the idea.
PIZZA! The toppings, including mushrooms and pumpkin, were so spread out on the pizza that each piece was different. Jeff was bummed that he couldn't get every topping in one bite. I was happy because we just got 10 kinds of pizza for the price of one!
Dessert: Basically a giant peanut butter cup with ice cream....uh yum!
Jeff and my new favorite wine. You should really check this one out.
It was one of the best anniversaries we have had (which is an odd statement because they have all been wonderful). I am so lucky to be with a person who really gets me, loves to make me happy and is fun to be around. He is a true gentlemen and has a huge heart. A toast to Jeff and many more anniversaries.

Have a happy and safe New Year, see you next year!

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