Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kate's Wine Bar and Rent

Jeff and I went to see a live performance of Rent in downtown Littleton. IS WAS AMAZING! The singing was absolutely fabulous and the dancing was great too. One of the male performers (who was wearing 5 inch heels) has a scene where he does a dance number. He jumped up and down off of a 5 inch heels! I was amazed! The story was really good and there was not a dry eye in the house.

Although, I could go on and on about the performance, that is not what you came here for. On to the food! Before the play, Jeff and I stopped at Kate's Wine Bar in downtown Littleton.

The atmosphere was great, a small place with wooden accents and cute accessories. The candles on the table were places in old wine bottles.
Here is a look at the inviting and warm atmosphere.
Jeff pouring himself over the wine menu. They had a pretty good selection.
Although this place does not serve dinner food, they have a variety of small plates. We just ordered a few and it was plenty for dinner. Below is a cheese and meat plate; the meats were cured and tasted great and the cheese was good as cheese always is.
Hmm, nothing better than warm spinach cheese dip with flat bread and crisps for dipping.
Whisky Apple Cider you say? I had never heard of it. This is a drink that has two goals: comfort and to warm your insides. Perfect for a cold night.

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