Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Chili

Homemade Green Chili, brought to you by my cousin Brenda. When I asked for this recipe Brenda said I would just have to come over and watch the process. This recipe was passed down to her by her mother. She learned by watching her mom in the kitchen and didn't follow text on a page to create this spicy sauce.

The recipe is a labor of love. Step one is to roast the green chilies, which you can bag and freeze for later. Then when you are ready to actually make the chili, you must set aside 2-3 hours because the sauce has to simmer as you go to ensure all of the flavors come out. I was asked to taste test during the process and let me just say and I am the biggest spicy wimp! I almost started crying it was so hot! For most people it would be considered a 'good spicy' but my taste buds are as wimpy as they come.

Jeff was so excited to eat this chili that at my family's Thanksgiving trip to Estes Park, CO that he smothered most of his food with it. Have you ever had green chili on eggs and bacon?

One of Brenda's family's favorite way to eat the green chili is on mashed potatoes. For someone who grew up just eating butter on mashed potatoes, this is sure to be an experience!
The recipe for the green chili is in the recipe book and Brenda was alright with sharing all of her secrets with me. I will, however, abstain putting it here. Sorry everyone! You will need to wait for the recipe book :)

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