Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lou's Food Bar

So these pictures are dark but I just have to give Lou's Food Bar some props. I can say this next statement with absolute certainty that in my heart of hearts it is true - Lou's had the BEST burger I have ever tasted. And let me tell you, I have eaten a lot of burgers. I am not some pansy (no offense) who will order a salad, hold the croutons, hold the bacon bits, add extra lettuce...dressing on the side. No I want the fattest, juiciest burger, add the bacon, add an egg, with french fries. Oh for heaven's sake...no tomatoes - please eliminate all healthy aspects. The burger at Lou's was just heaven. I actually told Jeff to stop talking so I could savor every bite. Onlookers perhaps were wary of this young women having a love affair with the burger but if you tried it...you might as well.

In the words of Marcel the Shell - Lou's has a lot of other great qualities, and I like that about it...

Yes, miss picky, ate escargot here and loved it! Granted it was covered in butter and cheese (a dream going forward) but nevertheless, delish!

What's great about Lou's is that they are not pretentious. The food is served on old style diner plates. Not the hip fancy square plates just hardy oval plates with the circle around the edge. The food speaks for itself.

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