Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beatrice and Woodsley

Decor - 10 points for B and W! If you are looking for that special woodland feel as you chomp into some great food while sipping on a unique cocktail you should probably check out Beatrice and Woodsley. This place has real aspen trees surrounding swanky booths. The liqueur is held up at the bar by a huge tree limb being supported my chainsaws stuck in the wall. Then there is magical draping of fabric and a highly trained staff. And the bathroom....well about the bathroom, beautiful...yes, clean...yes, confusing...yes. I suggest taking a buddy with you to the bathroom or you may never make it back. Not to dwell on the bathroom but there really is this 'push/pull' moment when you stand outside the bathroom for 10 minutes only to realize that no one is in there and you have been foiled by the door...again. Then the incredible swanky artsy 'faucet' which may just push you to slap on some antibac and forget the whole thing. But I digress...on to the food!

Served up with Old Overholt Rye, Leopold’s Peach Whiskey,
Apricot Brandy, and Orange Bitters

Served on the rocks with Leopold’s Apple Whiskey, Jack Daniels,
Cinnamon Simple, Lemon Juice and a splash of Soda

Served on the rocks with Muddled Blueberries, Sobieski Vodka,
Simple and St. Germaine

Umm yea! Can you see why my Whiskey-loving self can dig on this place?

Ah yes - the old toe tag on the wine trick. Dearly departed we are gathered here to today to honor the life of a grape. A grape that grew and grew on a vine. The grape was tended to and ripened to the exact right point. Then suddenly, the grape found itself being removed from the vine. Then put in a large barrel and stomped by someone's feet. Tragic. Raise your glasses to the grape...I mean...hmm this is a little awkward.

To be quite honest - we went to eat here quite a while ago and I frankly have no recollection what we ordered. So to say it simple...below is just some food porn, enjoy!

A selection of hand-crafted cheeses, house-made daily bread, garnishes

Twinkling lanterns bring the wonderful dinner to a close...

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