Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dad Classics

Let me tell you a little about my Dad - the food enigma. There are two kinds of people in this world as far as I am concerned. Those who eat to live and those who live to eat. I am (obviously) the later. I LOVE eating! I always think one day I will be a super stick thin gal who can strut at the beach but alas...I just love food too much. I look forward to dinner, I crave, I try new things, I cook. My Dad eats to live. Eating is more of a chore that is required to remain here on this earth. As long as I can remember, he has been eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for lunch. EVERYDAY! He wants nothing more than a PB&J. He tells me that made it through college on one dinner item - Little Juan Burritos. Not much for variety. Although, not a foodie, he is an excellent writer. I had to beg a little to get him to write his recipe down but I am so glad he did. I assure you, his sandwiches are made the same way every time and he is willing to share his secret to the perfect PB&J. Tread carefully...this recipe is only for the expert chef ;)

Ed’s Famous PB & J Recipe

·        2 slices white bread
·        Peanut Butter
·        Preserves (not jelly). Boysenberry Preserves are best and unique.
·        Chips, Lays Potato chips preferred
·        Paper Towel

Place 2 slices of bread on a paper towel. Spread the peanut butter on 1 slice, and lightly coat the other to prevent the Preserves from absorbing into the bread. Spread a liberal amount of Preserves on the other slice. Place the Peanut Butter slice on top of the ‘jelly’ slice. Keep the PB&J sandwich on the paper towel to protect your eating surface, and to use to wipe your face with the edge. A generous pile of chips will top off the meal. You can even put a layer of chips inside the sandwich.

Suggested beverage: Grape Kool-Aid

Another Dad Classic. The Lemon Sugar. He has a major sweet tooth. Much to the dismay of the dentist, he just can't get enough sugar! When we were kids (and still today) Dad would treat us all to a lemon sugar for dessert (or really anytime of the day). The Lemon Sugar is also a pretty advanced recipe, so contact a professional before attempting. 

Lemon Sugar

·        Ripe Lemon
·        Sugar
·        Bowl slightly larger than lemon half

Cut lemon in half and use one half and save the other for another round. Remove any visible seeds. Fill bowl with at least ¼ cup of sugar.
Squeeze lemon half a bit to get it juicy.
Lick the lemon around the rim to moisten it so it picks up sugar when dipped. Push the lemon into the sugar and remove. Lick the sugar off the lemon half, including around the rim. The more pressure you use when licking, the more lemon juice you will coax out. Repeat until sugar is gone, then squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl and drink.

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