Thursday, January 26, 2012


Finding out that I am allergic to dairy has opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating. I have jumped at times on the vegan bandwagon for a good bite to eat. Vegan food does not contain any animal products, ergo, it does not contain dairy. I am so lucky to live in the food conscious city of Denver where there are options. I am sure there are more but I know of two really good vegan and vegetarian places including Watercourse (the sister restaurant of City O' City). So close your eyes (actually don't so you keep reading), Open you eyes and pretend that they are closed. Think: VEGAN FOOD. What comes to mind? Ahh yes, I'd like to order the romaine lettuce with a few raw beets and maybe a drizzle of olive oil. Sounds a little boring to me. What if I said vegan and you thought; breakfast sandwich, burgers, egg rolls, nachos, buffalo wings, pasta, burritos tacos?

So now after that huge rant...the food below is not vegan but mostly! It is all vegan except for the egg but you are welcome to order this dish with tofu and keep it vegan. Most of the dishes at Watercourse can be ordered vegetarian if you'd like the real cheese and eggs or ordered vegan if you don't want any animal products.

Breakfast Sandwich: Eggs or tofu on toasted focaccia with melted gruyere (or Daiya vegan cheese), sundried tomato walnut spread, arugula, onion and tomato. Served with choice of potato or rice and fruit.

Let me tell you, I dream about this sandwich now!

Other notable notes - They get desserts from the Watercourse Bakery and the pies, cakes, cookies and treats look stunning. I have always been too full from dinner to get dessert (a testament to their food!). They have tea, lots of tea and gourmet tea. I love the cold cure soothing. They have beer and wine and mimosas for brunch...always a plus. Waitstaff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Decor is pretty unique - perhaps a take on Watership Down?

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