Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Avocado-Crab Dip and Orange Julius

I decided to make some quick and easy recipes for Jeff and me before he had to go to work. The Avocado-Crab Dip (Debbie) and Orange Julius (Jenny) would be perfect for a light summer snack. The avocado crab dip was easy enough besides a spoiled avocado (good thing I bought two! I can be so smart sometimes) and the dreaded canned crab.
This bulletin is to inform the public that executive chef and cooking genius, Jenna, thinks that meat or seafood that comes in a can is gross, gross, gross! Please advise that anyone in the Colorado area may hear a sigh of disgust on Tuesday around 4 o’clock pm. Thank you and stay classy Colorado.
Ahh, what are boyfriends for but to lend a helping hand and handling all the canned crab steps. Thanks! So you toss everything in a blender, give it some fridge time and away you go. I used club crackers to dip with because they are so buttery, flaky and delish!
TIP: If you leave the avocado pit in the dip, the avocado will not turn as quickly.
The Orange Julius was GOOD! Just like the real thing. Equally as easy as the crab dip; the informal instructions: add to blender…blend…enjoy. The best thing about this recipe? I was able to use my newly acquired Denver Aquarium hurricane glasses I received from cousin Penny. My cousin Jen tried to take them from me, but we decided to have a joust to decide the winner…and I have some serious jousting skills. Kidding of course; I was given the rights to the glasses in return for a promise that the glasses would show up on the blog….fulfilled. For some reason these little orange delights fill you up fast, so Jeff and I were not able to finish.

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