Friday, June 25, 2010

Red Broccoli Salad and White Chocolate Party Mix

June is a busy month for my family; Father’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations; so for a Sunday Father’s Day + a little bit of everything party, I was destined to cook. The Red Broccoli Salad was a little challenging. The recipe did not have any broccoli in it so I was immediately confused. I was going to make the recipe as is until I talked to my Mom. She convinced me that Red Broccoli salad does in fact have broccoli in it…Elementary Dear Watson. So my Friday night consisted of cooking up two pounds of bacon on two pans with oil that was entirely too hot. As always, a good portion of the bacon made it only as far as my mouth. I toasted up some almond slivers and decided the rest of the chopping should be saved until Sunday to ensure freshness. The White Chocolate Party Mix was really easy and good! The ingredients are roughly the same as the Scramble, but you add white chocolate instead of salty toppings. I had to leave the house while the chocolate dried so the pans ended up on my bed with the door closed. That little sneaky kitty can’t be trusted!
So on Father’s Day Jeff helped me to chop of the remaining veggies for the salad. My mom caught him eating some broccoli and me eating some grapes. I wonder if any recipes anticipate that people will eat as they cook and provide slightly more of the tasty ingredients. My recipes from here on out will say 2.1 pounds of bacon…just to be safe.

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