Monday, March 22, 2010

Lemon Bars, Larimer Toffee Squares, Lime Manhattan

I was invited to Adam’s house for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I made the decision to make a dessert every time I visit anybody. This way I am not stuck at the house with 20 desserts to eat. I had some coffee in the morning which was perhaps not the wisest choice. I don’t usually drink caffeine so I was absolutely hyped up! I exercised, made a big breakfast, list-made like a pro, and went to the store. I don’t think I have ever navigated King Soopers that quickly. I then stopped at the liquor store to get some booze…that took a little longer because I was completely undecided on what to make. Once all was purchased I made my way home. My heart was racing and I could barely keep my mind in one direction; from only one cup of coffee! Man, my tolerance is low. So I rampage and cook and feel like I am on Iron Chef, where I only have an hour and an impossible 3 dishes to make. Will she do it? Bobby Flay gives me the thumbs up and I slowly realize I am home in my kitchen and going Mad! Jeff is trying to finish a paper before a deadline at 4, so I try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible. But with the caffeine, I talk to the food… don’t do that, yes you are yummy; and the cat….Max, no lemon bars for you! I am keeping a close eye on Max. A few months ago I had made lemon bars, I was cooling them before I added the glaze topping and got distracted. I look over only to find little Max up on the counter munching away at the lemon bars. He ruined a good ¼ of the bars! Cats aren’t even supposed to like citrus. He got a good whack that day and maybe learned his lesson, because he didn’t bother the bars. I cooked them up and let them cool, glazed the top and let them harden. I cut a shamrock template out of a note card and made little powdered sugar shamrocks on top of each lemon bar. The Larimer Toffee Squares were easy and full of butter! A lot of the pecan toppings fell off the squares, so I saved them in a bowl as another sweet snack.
Now the fun part; a lime Manhattan. I poured a generous amount of whisky in a martini glass, added some ginger ale, lime juice and grenadine (you are usually suppose to use a cherry liqueur, but my wallet talked me out of it). I plopped a maraschino cherry in the bottom and garnished with a lime wedge. The whole point in making the martini was to get a picture while it was still light out but I hadn’t thought about what to do with it after that. Since Jeff had to go to work shortly, it fell on my shoulders to drink it….mustn’t waste! I took a shower and sat on the couch for an hour or two sipping my martini. After I had dolled myself up a bit, I went to the party. It took the help of Mike and Amanda to carry all the stuff I brought in. I was determined to get these sweets out of my life and never let them return.
To my dismay, the little powdered sugar Shamrocks I had spent so long on had melted into the glaze. Apparently the glaze has to be absolutely dry and then exposed to no heat. Oh bother! They were still delicious and Adam managed to find the outline of a Shamrock to show to everyone. The Larimer Toffee Squares were a huge hit! Aaron couldn’t stop eating them. The squares ran out by the end of the night but a few lemon bars remained. I abandoned the lemon bars in hope that someone one else would eat them. I spent the night at Mike and Amanda’s with two cats by my side, Max was sure jealous when I got home.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy some whiskey for me!

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