Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cranberry Salsa and Scramble

The plan was to go right after work to the grocery store, but Jeff’s shift at work got pushed back and I went home to see him for a bit. My motivation was shot and I ended up watching 2 episodes of Bones with Max curled against my back asleep (backie to backie). I made it off the couch and was about to leave for the grocery store when Max gave his whiny ‘I am sad’ meow, then proceeded to turn around and walk to the bedroom in protest of my leaving. I never knew having a cat was going to be this hard!
The grocery store was quiet, at this time, the after work rush had subsided. I abandoned my “shop as quickly as possible attitude” today, I was in no rush. I got a cart and stopped at Starbucks to get some green tea to sip on. The girl behind the counter was nice to me, but complained of not getting a lunch today and how much she hated the management. I kind of gave an uncomfortable ‘oh that sucks’ and went on my way. The volume of her voice made me fear for her job security. The guy at the meat counter was sweet, but a little confused, I said 1 pound turkey and he said ‘chicken right? ½ a pound?’ Okay not important, moving on… I shopped in a methodical slow manner, reading ingredients and comparing prices. I must have been a little too relaxed and not paying attention though, because I definitely gave a guy a shoe flat tire with my cart. I gave a sincere apology, but he was not amused.
Off to home, I began to cook. The first recipe is from Aunt Debbie and is the Cranberry Salsa. She made this for Christmas and I was now making it for a potluck at work. I love it because it has so much cilantro in it! I blended the cranberries in the blender as I didn’t have a food processor; it worked but took some time and finesse. I wonder how much smoother things would go if I had a well stocked kitchen? But alas, I have no room for such tools. I chopped up the jalapenos and forgot to wear gloves….bad idea! I was so careful to not touch my eyes, but touched my lips on accident. It felt like they were going to fall off! Max also, got the short end of the stick. He was biting and licking my fingers and I thought to stop him, but I thought this also might be an important lesson. He chomped away and then just stopped real quickly, looked at me in a panic and wanted to be put down. He made little face, licked his fur and his eyes turned red and watered. He wouldn’t drink any water, so I gave him food instead to help. Please don’t call PETA on me!
I worked then on the Scramble recipe from Gretchen. This recipe required me to buy a ton of snack food; so if you want cereal, pretzels or nuts, come on over. I poured all the ingredients into a giant turkey pan and it wouldn’t fit (I am not surprised; most of Gretchen’s recipes could feed not only a small army, but a large army as well). So I put the rest in a cake pan. Then I added some canola oil, Worcestershire, garlic salt, and seasoned salt and stirred it all up. It had to bake for 2 hours and I stirred it every ½ hour. Max had a hay day playing with all of the cereal I dropped on the floor. I am sure I will have a whole meal under the fridge when I move out. I had one terrible mistake; as I was putting the pan back in the oven after a stir, I bumped it into the rack and spilled cheerios all over the bottom of the oven. I assumed the fire alarm would go off if I allowed them to burn, so I couldn’t just leave it and god forbid I have any patience to wait for the oven to cool down. I reach with a pair of metal tongs to retrieve the cereal. In the process, the metal tongs touched the metal coil (still on) producing a small sparkler show. I gave up at this point and left the cheerios to slowly burn into dust.

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