Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie, Raspberry Blue Cheese Salad, Peanut Clusters

First of all can I say, watching the Nuggets and other teams in the playoffs is cool and all…but please don’t schedule the games over Bones! TBS from 5-8 is Bones time…get it straight.
So I coerced Jeff into going shopping with me and helping me cook. We stopped at Kings with a massive list of recipe items and other normal items we needed. For the most part we stuck together; but Jeff went off to go get cashews and sunflowers from the ‘fill your own bag’ area. He comes back with a gigantic bag of both, the cashew bag costing over $13! Having both of us shop before dinner was not the best idea and we ended up with the highest grocery bill I have ever had. True we got a lot of items we don’t always get (detergent, toilet paper, paper towels etc.) but I felt sick to my stomach about the bill. I called my mom to try and make me feel better; she said ‘don’t worry, that included food for Saturday right?’….it didn’t. Bahumbug. I am cooking for my little sister Shannon and her boyfriend for their prom dinner; should be posted next week sometime (teaser: baked macaroni).
We started cooking, Jeff on the meat and the chopping and me on the cooking and organizing. I am pretty sure I screwed up the chicken pot pie. The directions made it seem like I needed to cook the piecrusts before I added the innards. It didn’t seem right, but I did it anyway. Turns out that wasn’t right. When the instructions told me to seal the edges of the bottom and top pie crust I knew I was screwed…they were cooked! I couldn’t mold them. So instead of a beautiful chicken pot pie with slits in the top and warm steam escaping I got a broken, maybe a little overcooked, pie crust plopped on the top. So much for the picture I was hoping for! It all still tasted the same and Jeff mentioned multiple times, “This is one that you should make again!”
Jeff made most of the Raspberry Blue Cheese Salad (from my cousin Christie). It had green apples, avocado, blue cheese, green onions, dried cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette. I thought it was pretty good sans the dried cranberries (I love fresh cranberries and cranberry juice, but hate the dried ones). Jeff was in heaven and started and finished his meal with a serving of this salad.
The peanut clusters (Jenny) were pretty easy. I had to call Jenny first though, “so I have all the ingredients listed but not really any instructions”. As it turns out you melt the chocolates, add the peanuts and form a cluster…hence the name peanut clusters. Jeff and I decided to go to Target to pick up Avatar but could not leave the peanut clusters to dry out in the open. Max would have had a hay day and probably would have been very sick or maybe even dead (at least I would get some sleep that way…oh gosh, I can’t believe I said that, I am a terrible mommy). So I laid the clusters on my bed and shut the door to avoid disaster.
I finished the night ‘watching’ Avatar and by watching I mean falling asleep 30 minutes in. This cooking business is hard work!

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