Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brunch Pizza, Strawberry Pie, Creamy Dreamy Pie, Sugar Cookies, Macaroni Salad, Calico Beans, Spinach Dip

I know this is late, but Happy Mother’s Day out there to all those Moms! I decided that, with help of my sisters and brother-in-law, we would do all the cooking for a Mother’s Day lunch with the family. The madness started Saturday night when I went grocery shopping. My Mom was supposed to stay at home and RELAX! Perhaps take a bath or watch crime shows, but she couldn’t handle it. She insisted that since it was Mother’s Day weekend she could do what she wanted, and that she wanted to help me grocery shop. We got through everything pretty quickly and indulged in a few cheese samples along the way. After that I went to visit my grandparent’s new dog Skippy and then came home to start the madness. The family was watching Avatar as Ali and Rob had not seen it yet and I worked on the pies and prep work. The Creamy Dreamy Pie was very easy and didn’t take long to make. The Strawberry Pie (Grandma Alice) was a different story. I prepared the crust and the strawberries and then made a jello mixture that was to be poured over top. The directions stated to let it set up a bit in the fridge before pouring. I got very impatient and decided that it would be fine and went to pour. Not a good idea….the jello was too liquidy and soaked into the pie crust. Then, I didn’t think to stop pouring as the red ooze inched to the top of the crust. OVERFLOW! I had been pouring over a bar pan, so thankfully the mess was contained; but the pie was a mess. I tried to salvage the crust by wiping off the red jello with a paper towel, but to no avail. I also made the Macaroni Salad (Jan). As I said, I didn’t want my Mom to do any work this weekend but on my return home from visiting the puppy, she stated nonchalantly, ‘oh there are some chopped cheese cubes and chopped celery I made for you for the macaroni salad’. She is not following the rules very well! So I try and get all this food in the already stuffed fridge and it is just not going to happen. I considered drinking the remaining milk, but decided that would not be good. I made an executive decision…I would leave the Kool-Aid out of the fridge. Terrible idea! I was lying on the couch to finish the movie when I heard a very ticked off voice from the kitchen, my dad, “why is the Kool-Aid out!? I don’t think so. This isn’t going to work for me”. I was so tired and cranky that I just flipped out a bit, for god sake, it is just Kool-Aid! A little later it was revealed that I actually left his Pepsi can out too on accident. At this point I was in more trouble than Ali and Rob’s mischievous dog Albus.
So the next morning I get up at 6:30, start the coffee and set the table, and wait for my siblings to awake so we could start breakfast. I eventually went into my Ali’s room and gave her a couple of firm pokes in the arm….’15 more minutes!’ Oh come on! Eventually Ali and Rob made it out of bed and I left it to Ali to wake Shannon. We made a brunch pizza recipe from my mom, Jan. Rob took care of the hash brown crust, Ali took care of the eggs, I fried up some bacon and got the toppings together and Shannon cut up strawberries and toppings. My mom walked down as we were cooking and we demanded that she wait for us to bring her breakfast in bed. Our demands were ignored though, she would rather sit and talk to us than be sitting awake in bed.
So my dad, mom and we kids all ate a nice breakfast together and had some laughs. We talked about comedians and trunk monkeys (look it up on youtube, good stuff).
As we cleaned up and I prepared to keep cooking a grave discovery was made. Ali was the first to speak up, ‘ummm Jenna, you must have spilled red jello all over Mom’s new rugs last night.’ SHOOT! My mom came down the stairs and I had to tell her, and also ask her how she preferred I wash them. The only thing worse than spilling on the rug would have been wrecking the rugs in the washer. I sheepishly say, “Mom, I have to tell you something”. Ali is standing next to me with a big smirk, gloating at the trouble I will be in; she chimes in, “Mom this is going to be the best possible start to your Mother’s Day” sarcastically of course. I spill the beans but….she is not mad! Hooray! So I wash the rugs and they only have a tiny drop of red that would not come out.
I started to make the Calico Beans (Gretchen) and had felt like the lima beans were suppose to be green, not white, so I called Gretchen to confirm. They are in fact supposed to be green, so I requested that Ali and Rob pick some up at the store because they had other shopping to do. I was slightly overbearing and mentioned not to forget the lima beans, they are by the canned veggies, at least 3 times. The Spinach dip (Jenny) was easy and really delicious. Rob suggests the addition of artichoke for next time.
Ali, Rob and Shannon made and frosted some sugar cookies. Rob had the idea to make little flowers on top of them. Ali was the first to admit that they kind of looked like nipples. Ha! I guess it goes with the Mother’s Day theme. So we set all of the food out with hoagie sandwiches. As I waited for people to arrive I couldn’t help but sample the bread and spinach dip. I should wear a shock collar to keep myself away from bread….that probably wouldn’t even work!


  1. Jenna! I love reading your cooking blog...the pics always make me hungry. So how do I go about getting these I have to buy the cook book in December...if so, sign me up for a copy! Keep writing...I love it!

  2. Thank you for the comment! As the printing costs of the recipe book will be outragous (it is 80 pages right now). I am going to send the recipe book as a PDF for free (better for the environment anyway). If you have any specific recipes you would like now just send me and email and I can send it over. Thanks for reading!

  3. Jenna,
    I sound evil in this particular blog. Although I do so love it when you gt in trouble! :)