Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rioja Brunch

You may remember (probably not) a previous post about dinner at Rioja. Good news for you...Rioja does brunch! It truly is a fantastic breakfast experience. And until the word gets out, there is very rarely a wait to get in even on Saturday's and Sundays. So when Snooze tells you the wait is going to be 4 hours or something ridiculous like that....check out Rioja!

The spritzers - a variety of juices with sparking water. The pomegranate was so refreshing. 
Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella. I don't view it as a traditional breakfast item but who is going to argue with food this good?
Strawberry stuffed french toast, for the sweet tooth.
My favorite - Eggs Benedict! Going to say one of the best Benedicts I have had. They really take the time to come up with  great flavor combinations.
Cute Cute Cute! Sea Salt and Pepper with a little scoop. Just adorable.

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