Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Food can be art

Food can be art. I think so anyway. The beauty of a dish can be just as artistic and enjoyable as the taste of the food. There are people who use food as a medium for art and it is not necessary intended to be eaten. I found a neat website here that has hilarious and detailed food art. So, I did not create a dish or a stage a photo of bikers trailing a cinnamon role. I did, however, find myself completely awestruck and mesmerized by a half-eaten tomato on the sidewalk. I know what you are thinking, Jenna is going off the deepend and we need to have an intervention. Don't! Give the tomato a chance to change your view.

Side note - have you ever cooked with Buddha's Hand? I can see this lemon-like citrus making its way into some food art.

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