Monday, January 25, 2010

Family and Friends Recipe Book

The movie Julie and Julia highlights a young woman cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook for a year. We could say that this would be my goal, but none of you can imagine me deboning a duck or hearing the lobsters scream as they are boiled. An alternative? Cook my way through our family recipes (a little less French, a little more Midwestern/West coast). I wanted to create a cookbook so the recipes we know and love are never lost. I started to type a few up one day and realized…no one likes looking at black and white pages and trying to conjure an image of the meal. The solution…cook each meal, taking a picture of the final product and adding it to a comprehensive cookbook.
So I ask to you…please join me in my adventure. There will be mistakes, I am sure many. There will be tears, when I drop a whole casserole dish on the floor. There will be spelling errors, bear with me. But there will also be a sense of purpose, a visit to history and a connection with family. Stay tuned, send me good vibes and maybe together the Family and Friends recipe book will be my magnum opus.

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